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Modern Comptrollership

see also — Audit and Evaluation

Corporate Management, and Comptrollership


Corporate Management, and Comptrollership (CM&C) is responsible for providing service excellence in the areas of financial administration, asset and facility management, contracting and procurement management. As well, Audit and Evaluation, which falls under Corporate Management and Comptrollership, supports the governance responsibilities of the Senior Executive Committee and provides services across the RCMP.

CM&C plays an important challenge function within the RCMP as it is accountable for supporting the most effective use of RCMP resources, positioning the organization for longer term financial stability, strengthening RCMP relationships with central agencies, as well as being an advocate of the RCMP as an organization of management excellence.

The primary role of CM&C is to support the responsible spending and safeguarding of the RCMP’s financial and physical resources to assist the RCMP in achieving its goal of being a strategy-focused, intelligence-led organization of excellence.

In addition to supporting the operational requirements of the organization, CM&C is also the centre of excellence for the RCMP’s implementation of the government-wide Modern Comptrollership initiative.

Under this initiative, CM&C strives to make the RCMP a model of modern management practices.

Through the provision of modern corporate management tools across all levels of the organization, CM&C supports the RCMP in addressing its strategic priorities and ultimately enables the organization to provide safe homes and safe communities for Canadians.

Organizational Structure

Corporate Management and Comptrollership (CM&C) is the expert functional authority responsible for delivering financial administration, asset and facility management, contracting and procurement management as well as internal audit, assurance and consulting services.

It plays a support role for its RCMP business line partners at Headquarters, the four regions across Canada (Pacific, NorthWest, Central and Atlantic), and by extension, its police community partners.

CM&C is also responsible for Force-wide implementation of Modern Comptrollership, a long-term government initiative focused on improved decision making, organizational performance and accountability for results.

Corporate Management and Comptrollership is divided into four key service lines and one centre of excellence:

  • Finance Branch
  • Corporate Asset Management Branch
  • Corporate Procurement and Contracting Services Branch
  • Audit and Evaluation

The Office of Comptrollership Modernization is the centre of excellence for the RCMP’s implementation of the government-wide Modern Comptrollership initiative.

Finance Branch

The mandate of the Finance Branch is to ensure the sound and rigorous stewardship of all RCMP resources, nationally and regionally, in accordance with modern management and comptrollership principles.

This entails the development of appropriate controls, standards, best practices and policies to support responsible spending and safeguarding of the financial budget and RCMP human resources.

The mandate includes the development, enhancement, maintenance & support of the RCMP's Total Expenditures and Asset Management (TEAM) system.

In addition, it is the responsibility of the Finance Branch to monitor budget allocations and expenditures by Business Line nationally, including the management of the financial aspects of policing contracts with the Force’s provincial, municipal and First Nations contract partners.

The Finance Branch is also accountable for the appropriation of funds from Central Agencies in support of the operations of the entire organization.

Corporate Asset Management Branch

The Corporate Asset Management Branch (CAMB) is responsible for the planning, coordination, utilization, monitoring, control and reporting of all RCMP real property and moveable assets in accordance with government and RCMP policies and best practices.

CAMB facilitates the asset investment decision-making process to ensure that the RCMP’s strategic priorities and Business Line interests are respected.

Corporate Asset Management Branch acts as the national centre of excellence for project management duties associated with complex capital asset projects, including strategic long-range and annual planning, and capital project delivery.

As part of its mandate, CAMB is also accountable for establishing corporate policy governing the life cycle management of the RCMP’s assets, as well as, the management of the RCMP Environment and Sustainable Development Program, which includes environmental compliance and stewardship.

Corporate Procurement and Contracting Services Branch

Corporate Procurement and Contracting Services (CP&CS), and its regional partners, oversee and facilitate the RCMP’s procurement and contracting needs and develop and maintain its processes. The key activities of CP&CS are procurement planning, the provision of expert procurement service and advice, client guidance through the duration of the contract administration process and finally, procurement monitoring and reporting. CP&CS oversees the complete RCMP procurement cycle to safeguard the integrity of the way the RCMP conducts its procurement activities.

In support of more than 22,000 members of the RCMP, cadets and other law enforcement and government agencies, Corporate Procurement and Contracting Services, through the Uniform and Equipment Program and the National Armoury Program, manages the design, development, acquisition, storage and distribution of approved uniforms and equipment. Keeping our members safe by outfitting them based on the highest of standards, allows the RCMP members to better focus their efforts operationally, keeping all Canadians safe and secure.

Audit and Evaluation

Consistent with the Treasury Board policy on audit and evaluation, the mandate of Audit and Evaluation is multi-fold.

Firstly, through its audit service, Audit and Evaluation provides risk-based assurance services to senior management on the soundness of risk management strategies and practices, management control frameworks, systems and practices, and, information for decision-making and reporting.

Secondly, through its Evaluation Services, managers design or improve the design of policies, programs and initiatives that clearly define expected results and that embody sound performance measurement, reporting and accountability provisions at their outset. It also provides, where appropriate, periodic assessments of policy or program effectiveness, impacts both intended and unintended, and alternative ways of achieving expected results.

Thirdly, Audit and Evaluation is the policy centre for management reviews (MR) and quality assurance (QA). The MR/QA Program directly contributes to the integration of risk assessment and management throughout all RCMP Business Lines. It also serves to assist the RCMP by enhancing the professional delivery of all services to clients, partners, and stakeholders, as well as, identifying best practices, and effectively communicating them in an effort to support excellence in operations and management.

The approach of Audit and Evaluation is a collaborative one, combining the business knowledge of its clients with the audit and evaluation expertise of its resources. It assesses the balance between risk, control and the achievement of objectives.

Office of Comptrollership Modernization

Modern Comptrollership is one of the key priorities identified by the Government of Canada to modernize management practices for the 21st century and to make the Government of Canada more transparent to Canadians and more responsive to their needs.

The RCMP became a pilot department for the implementation of Modern Comptrollership in January 2000 and, in April 2002, the RCMP made the Office of Comptrollership Modernization permanent, demonstrating its commitment to the implementation of modern management principles and practices across the Force.

Modern Comptrollership within the RCMP ensures that managers are provided with integrated financial and non-financial performance information, a mature approach to risk management, appropriate control systems and a framework of shared values, ethics and ethical practices, all with a focus on results.

The goal of Modern Comptrollership is to foster an environment that encourages effective leadership and clear accountability across the organization, while building a workforce of excellence consisting of motivated employees.